The Fujifilm HD EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) scope is the slimmest endoscope on the market and has a unique forward viewing lens, which enables diagnostic procedure times for lung cancer and other lung diseases to be reduced due to a faster rate of intubation.

Using its forward view the operator can see the tip of the scope throughout the procedure, reducing trauma to the bronchiole walls, and the ultrasound crystal probe can also be placed onto the airway wall with ease to obtain the ultrasound image. All aspects of the unique scope provide consultants with a much smoother operator learning curve.

The new HD chip inside the scope provides consultants with a clearer bronchial image, which means that a standard bronchoscopy does not have to be carried out prior to the EBUS case, as both examinations can take place using the one scope. For more information around the Fujifilm HD EBUS, contact us on