ELUXEO System Brochure copy

Fujifilm’s newest innovative range, the ELUXEO™ system, is being launched into the UK marketplace at the upcoming EndoLive event in Birmingham on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd March. This is part of a wider campaign by Fujifilm to provide clinicians with the highest resolution imaging for diagnostic assessment, characterisation and therapy delivery. The range features unique 4-LED Multi Light technology, switching between three imaging modes: White Light, Blue Light Imaging (BLI) and Linked Colour Imaging (LCI) to achieve optimal results in illumination.

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Alongside these features, the range includes a Multi Zoom and Freeze function, allowing for greater differentiation and providing detailed high-resolution imaging for both diagnostic assessment and therapy delivery. Incorporating unique multi-zoom technology, the 700 series of endoscopes achieves a maximum optical magnification of 135x, providing clinicians with a powerful capability to deliver highly detailed assessment and characterisation. In addition, the new range features the unique CMOS chip in the tip of the scope, which supports 60 frames progressive scanning technology, incorporating noise reduction and brilliant image transmission. The result is an outstanding high-resolution image quality and smooth moving images with dramatically reduced blurring. Finally, the range features a new G7 grip for both comfort and ease of use, and a robust integrated wireless power supply that provides high speed transmission of data.

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