Basic EBUS knowledge and current developments of its procedures and clinical utility will be covered by Fujifilm’s hands on session on Interventional Pulmonology, to be held on Monday 11th September between 1.15pm and 2.30pm in Milan, Italy.

With a faculty including Prof. Christophe Dooms, Dr. Joris van der Horst and Dr. Rűdiger Eichholz, the workshop will hold a session on pleural ultrasound covering thorax ultrasound, pneumothorax and lung artefacts within ultrasound. In addition, it will incorporate areas such as EBUS Transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) with a plastic model, +3 EBUS TBNA with Symbionix Simulator, EBUS mini-probe biopsy with plastic model, synapse 3D and a piece on plueral ultrasound by SonoSite.

For more information on the workshop, and to register to attend, please click here.