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Two rings are better than three for new version of EndoRings

EndoRings, a silicone-rubber device that is fitted on to the distal end of a colonoscope to assist with ADR, has been improved thanks to its utilisation of two flexible rings rather than three. This new version provides a marked reduction...
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Itaflex range of endoscopic accessories launches in April

Aquilant Endoscopy is pleased to announce that it will be launching the Meditalia Itaflex range of endoscopic accessories at the BSG annual meeting in June. Founded in 1987, Meditalia specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative accessories for flexible endoscopy. The Itaflex...
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Portsmouth Advanced Endoscopy Symposium Highlights

Once again the annual Portsmouth meeting was not to be missed, with a packed programme including lectures and live cases presented by a range of national and international experts. Over 200 delegates attended the two-day symposium to learn about in-vivo...
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